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While I do prepare stock items, the vast majority of my work is in the form of bespoke commissions.

By far the easiest way to arrange this is to email me at and we can work through your wish list! I have included a few priced examples of my work below so you can get a sense of what the ballpark is.

For bespoke work, the costing breakdown will work as follows:

Leather cost +30%

Hardware (buckles, etc) and consumables (glue, thread, rivets)

My time costed at £15 per hour

Then tax and any postage & packaging on top.

To explain the materials costing: Leatherworking carries a significant and unavoidable wastage as there are no square cows. Typically, about a third of the area will be unusable so the surcharge accounts for that. Expect good quality veg tan leather to run from £5-9 per square foot depending on thickness and quality.

I am happy to use any designs you may have to customise your item, as you will see from my Gallery I can turn my hand to a wide variety of patterns. I tend to hand dye my leather, starting from undyed stock so you can pretty much pick your colour although some are harder to achieve than others. Please be aware that multi-coloured items are much slower to prepare than single colour and will thus cost more.

I hope to speak to you soon to discuss your new shiny object! Should you choose to proceed once you have a quote the procedure is to pay either the materials cost or half the project cost up front (whichever is higher) with the other half due on satisfactory completion of the project. Please be aware, the materials cost of the project is a non-refundable deposit. Once I have cut and marked leather it cannot be used for anything else and finding a buyer for a customised item is difficult should you pull out of the project.

Book cover for A5 spiral bound notebook.

Stamped design with custom carving on spine and locking hardware, hand dyed.

£65-75 depending on complexity

Pair of scabbards for LARP daggers, approx. 15" in length.

Carved exterior, velvet lined, hand dyed.

£95 each for a total of £190

Dice Cup

Double walled dice cup, carved exterior, hand dyed.

£45-60 depending on complexity

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